Monday, April 7, 2008

ApacheCon EU Day 1

I spent today in Media & Analyst training. In the morning we learned how to identify the key points of a message and communicate them to others, and then practiced with each other, with the listener giving a summary of the information so we could judge how well we got our points across. At the end of the session we each had a chance to talk to two journalists, and it was interesting to see how well I was able to control the content and make my points. (Okay with one of them, not so good with the other!)

In the afternoon we focused on written messages such as press releases, media alerts and boilerplates, and I worked on a new description for the Continuum site. Sally also shared information about the best times to issue press releases and to contact journalists.

The Hackathon was also on today, so I wandered into the room on breaks and met some new people, as well as some people I've "known" online for years but never seen in person.

Tomorrow I'll spend time at the Hackathon and continue preparing for my talk on Friday.

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