Sunday, April 6, 2008

ApacheCon EU Day 0

First day in Amsterdam! My flight got in quite early, at 7AM, so after following Noirin's instructions and taking the train from Schipol Airport to Amsterdam Centraal, I walked to the Movenpick and camped out in the lobby for a while. They graciously let me check in early, and I had a nap before heading out to find some lunch and explore the city.

Later I met up with Paul in the lobby and we walked all over looking for a restaurant for dinner. It seems that non-smoking restaurants are hard to find here, despite the hotel and trains being strictly non-smoking. There's a sign in the room threatening a EUR 150 fine if the policy is violated!

After dinner we sat in the lobby with a couple more Apache folks, and discussed (among other things) the state of the Maven repository and some needed improvements like the ability to retrieve a pgp signature from a trusted source for verification. I'm currently working to make sure that everything going into the ASF Maven repo has a signature, by watching the email notifications of updates and contacting the release manager if I notice one missing. I think step one towards verification would be adding a 'check' goal to the Maven GPG Plugin.

Next up: I'm attending Sally's Media training on Monday

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