Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Apachecon EU Day 2


On Tuesday I attended Chad Michael Davis' Ajax on Struts 2 training. Chad is one of the authors of Manning's Struts 2 in Action book, and it was great to get to meet him in person. In the class, we saw how to start with the skeleton of a webapp and turn it into a Struts 2 app (add the necessary jars, add a filter to web.xml, add the struts.xml config file) and then moved on to adding Ajax to an existing app, using JQuery.

At one point, Chad mentioned that we might want to save a copy of the app because we were going to make some major changes... for me that wasn't necessary, because I had learned enough about git in Scott's BarCamp session that I had done 'git init' immediately when we started, and had been committing changes all along. It's great to be able to put even trivial example projects under version control so simply and easily.

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